Screen Printing

Printing in flat screen printing allows images to be printed on light or dark colored clothing on several types of fabric (cotton, polyester, lycra, spandex, twill, etc.). We print from 1 to 11 colors per location. Screen printing, being very durable, is the textile printing method that offers the best value for money.

  • Production capacity of more than 25,000 units per day
  • 6 automatic presses (up to 11 colors)
  • 2 manual presses (special projects)
  • 1 automatic press for printing personalized labels
  • Automated silk imaging system (no film required)
  • Mastery of techniques and processes for printing on different textiles
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Non-standard printing format (max: 20 ’’ x 28 ’’)
  • Complete PMS charter


Heat Transfer

Heat transfer makes it possible to make unit prints, in particular for numbering or individual identification. It sometimes allows more specific positioning, printed on other types of material or to achieve imprintable screen printing. The vinyl is resistant and opaque, it is applied to the garment using a heat transfer press. Perfect for the personification of sportswear! Various vinyls and appliqué are available: reflective, pearls, faux diamonds, velvet, etc.!


Digital & large format printing

Large format & digital printing is essential to promote an organization. Business cards, stickers, posters, leaflets, flyers, coroplasts, banners, stickers are inexpensive and essential products that disseminate information effectively.




Sublimation is a process in which ink is transferred to synthetic fabrics at very high temperatures. Once heated, the ink instantly turns to gas which is trapped in the fibers of the fabric. Once transferred, the ink does not remove and is evenly distributed over the fabric. You don't feel any ink on the surface of the fabric at all, and the fabric can be cleaned without any fading issues.


Pad printing

The pad printing is produced using a silicone pad adapted to the surface to be printed, which absorbs the logo to be engraved and then places it on the support. Pad printing is mainly used on products or places difficult to print by other printing processes.

Pricing on request!





Personnalized corporate estore

We offer a turnkey virtual store service, from ordering, to payment, to production and delivery to your customer! Whether for internal needs (schools, sports teams, corporate uniforms, etc ...) or for public needs (fundraising campaign, music group, sports center, etc ...), our stores have the possibility of adapt to the majority of your requests!

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The embroidery is made of threads using an industrial machine, being very durable, it is ideal for outdoor clothing or to give relief to your logo. The cost of an embroidery is calculated according to the number of stitches, so the cost varies according to its density and its size. To start an embroidery production, a matrix must be created, then the unit cost varies according to the quantity. Once the matrix has been created, it can be reused at no initial cost for a future order. An embroidery-text service makes it possible to identify garments individually without creating a matrix, for example to put names or names of positions on the clothing of your employees.

  • Production capacity of 2000 units per day
  • 19 embroidery heads (15 colors)
  • 3D and semi 3D effect
  • Isacord charter (more than 350 colors)
  • Appliqué insert



Direct to garment printing «DTG» is a technique where the ink is applied directly to the garment through a high definition printer (photo quality). Ideal for reproducing detailed photos, no color limits, good rendering of all shades and gradations both on white and on colored clothing. This printing technique is only available on 100% cotton fabrics. Your photos have never looked so good on a fabric!


Laser engraving

Laser engraving is produced on an advanced technology machine which allows it to mark and / or engrave wood, glass, plastic, metal, aluminum, stainless steel, tempered glass and several other types of materials. Our equipment offers a 17 "x 32" flat engraving surface and can also engrave on curved or elliptical surfaces.

Send us your project and we will be happy to evaluate it.

  • Used on curved, spherical, conical or elliptical surfaces (wood, glass, tempered glass, plastic, acrylic, etc.)
  • CerMark marking on metals
  • Maximum height of accepted items of 6 ''


Promotionnal products

A multitude of promotional items are available. Contact us for your specific needs and visit the catalog section to see an overview of the products offered. A promotional object useful in everyday life or original helps to convey your corporate image effectively.


Design and infographics

If you are not comfortable with computers, a computer graphics service is available, we can help you create or modify your image for an hourly rate of $ 69 / h.

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