How can I request a quote?

If you are a new customer and would like to receive information or a quote please call us (418.780.3335 / 1.877.788.3335) or send your request to contact@2ndskin.ca

A sales representative will be happy to respond to you within 24 hours.

What is the lead time for an order?

Our production times are among the best in Quebec and the goods are generally produced in 8-12 working days regardless of the quantity.

* On the other hand we do not guarantee a date or deadlines for production.

Occasionally we have to move productions due to technical constraints or in case of back order of stocks from our suppliers. Do not worry if this is the case you will be notified by your sales representative in order to see the possible options with you and to reach an agreement (* we cannot therefore be held responsible if this type of unusual delay occurs by bad luck). If you have a tight deadline, you can choose the express service: production will be faster and we guarantee your time. (* fees in% according to the desired deadline and subject to availability).

What are the different steps of an order?

* IMPORTANT: Carefully check all the details of your order!


Once the quote has been received and before giving us your agreement to put it into production, it is your responsibility to validate that ALL the information is accurate and according to your requests.

Once the quote is approved, you will receive the official invoice and the products will be ordered. During this stage, we are already busy putting into production the creation of your approval visual. It is therefore no longer possible to modify anything without additional costs or delays.

You will receive an approval visual by email within more or less 5 days of production. You will have to approve by emial that everything is consistent to your request, since nothing will be put into production without your agreement.

IT IS YOUR GUARANTEE, take care to validate this information because we will accept no complaint if you have failed to report erroneous information to us.

We reserve the right to deliver +/- 5% of the quantity ordered, so we advise you not to place your order by the piece and to provide yourself with some additional items.



Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

All items ordered from us are unique! They are produced with care and tailor-made for your project, resulting from your choices and requests.

This differentiates us from conventional businesses, and therefore, unfortunately we cannot simply resell the returned items if they do not suit you.

However, we want you to be completely satisfied, which is why we guarantee our work 100%.

If we make a mistake or if we make a default (we aim for perfection but still have a loss and error rate below 2%). If this is the case we will resume work quickly or we will suggest a solution that suits you.

(* Please note that the customer is responsible for checking the goods within 5 days of receipt thereof, no returns will be accepted after this period).

Can I provide my own clothes?

Thanks to our printing techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and our expertise, we are one of the few printers in Quebec who accepts to print / embroider on the clothing / fabrics supplied by customers.

Despite these favorable arrangements, complications can arise during production. We note that the problems arise mainly on products from suppliers other than those we distribute (clothing from department stores in particular). These, unlike the ones we sell, are not intended for printing so we may run into production and printing difficulties. Certain fabrics or garments may react poorly to ink, heat, or other treatment. We saw fabrics melt, or on which vinyl did not adhere, for example, etc. Obviously as we did not provide the garment and as we cannot guarantee the reaction of these clothes and impressions are not guaranteed. The customer must accept the risks if he wishes to proceed despite everything.

How should I send you my visuals and logos?

We need logos in vector format (.ai or .eps).

It is sometimes possible for us to work with other types of files (for printing in DTG for example).

Ask your sales representative in order to validate if the format of your logo is proper to printing.

How can I be sure of the color of my screen printing?

You will choose the printing color according to our "basic" color chart which is included ($) in the production price.

However if you want a specific color (which cannot be found there) you can provide us with the PANTONE code and we will make that color specifically for you!

What is the printing size of screen printing?

The maximum printing surface on manual press:
(48 items and -) is 12" x 16"

The maximum printing surface on automatic press:
(48 items and +) is 13.5" x 17"

The printing surface for a sleeve is 4" x 16"

Do you keep my files for future production?

We keep the files for a period of 24 months (renewable with each production).

The initial costs are payable only once (Preparation costs will be 50% off  if you order the same products again in screen printing, Embroidery digitizing payable only once).

What are the accepted payment ?

Payment must be paid in full upon acceptance of the quote (production). You can pay for your orders remotely either by credit card (telephone, email or pre-authorization form), by bank deposit, by check or by DEBIT / CASH MONEY in branches.

(* Forms are available through your sales representative).

A recurring customer can benefit from an account opening with us according to these methods:

  • The client must be recurrent
  • The annual purchase volume is more than 10K
  • Has a good payment habit, Net 30 days and respected
  • Open a complete and signed account.

When a customer does not comply with the conditions for opening an account:

  • Interest is charged at the rate of 2% per month on invoices which exceed the Net 30 days
  • When the payment term is not respected, at any time, without notice, we can close your account
  • No credit card payments after Net 30 days will be accepted.

When can I collect my order?

You will receive an email or a confirmation call once your order is ready to be picked up. You can also opt for a delivery service ($) if you prefer.

Should I wash my clothes before wearing them?

Several toxic elements can enter into the manufacture of certain garments - such as chlorine, lead, nickel or even azo dyes.

In addition, to keep them straight and prevent them from wrinkling before being sold, the clothes are often coated with chemicals or rice starch ...

Washing clothes also fixes dyes (which could discolor if you wear them right away) in addition to being better for your skin and your health.

It is therefore IMPORTANT to wash them before wearing them.